Should you require information on Coronavirus (COVID-19), please access the NHS website via the following link: 


 If you think you have symptoms please access the NHS online questionnaire page via the following link:


Further advice and guidance can also be found on the Kent County Council website via the following link:







Broomfield & Kingswood Parish Council


Broomfield and Kingswood Parish Council currently has one vacancy for a Councillor and is looking to co-opt 1 person to take on this role. 

You may be just the person your community needs to:

  • Represent the views of local people
  • Bring fresh ideas about local services
  • Help keep our community a good place in which to live

Are you interested in making a difference as you work with and serve your local community, being part of the democratic governance arrangements of the country?

If your answer is yes then, please email or write to the Clerk: Pamela Bower: parishclerk@bandkpc.org, Aldiana, Broomfield Road, Kingswood, Kent, ME17 3NZ, as soon as possible stating your reason for applying.  Please also provide some background information on yourself.

Further information on what the role involves can also be obtained form the Clerk via email, post or telephone: 07719 317702


Please note that the whilst the Sports Field remains open

the Play area is now CLOSED for the foreseeable future.



The next Parish Council Meeting 

is due to be held on

Monday 15 June 2020 

 at 17:15pm

This is likely to be a virtual meeting.

Residents are welcome to join the meeting

but will need to email the Parish Clerk

to advise that they wish to join the meeting

so that a meeting request can be sent



                              Parish Clerk – Pam Bower

                                         07719 317702      



John Leigh-Pemberton is based outside Doddington and makes chestnut fencing that is sold throughout the world. He employs 50 people and gets through about 50-80 acres of chestnut coppice a year. He bought the western portion of Kings Wood about 6 months to a year ago for commercial reasons. He will be able to harvest 5-10 acres every year on 13-year rotation basis.

He has a 20-year management plan with the Forestry Commission and will continue to manage the woods as they have been managed in the past. Some replanting may be needed, and he is currently negotiating with the Forestry Commission re this.

In the woods there are very few young oak trees which is a long-term problem. His plan is to look at the Oaks as blocks of Chestnuts are being coppiced and if they are very damaged, cut them down and plant new ones at the same spot in the woods.

Between Christmas and New Year, he spent time in the woods, met many people and realised how many people use and enjoy the woods. The woods are public place and 99% of those using the woods for recreation are careful and respectful. He is happy to continue with the arrangement that people can walk in the woods as they wish. He will try and keep the tracks open and clear of overhanging branches.

People can help with managing the woods and looking after them:

There is a permanent risk of fly tipping. If people see any fly tipping please could they report it to Pam Bower, the Parish Clerk who will let Mr Leigh-Pemberton know

Motorbikes in the woods – this is a difficult problem to address which can’t be resolved by being aggressive. It is also an offence. The first step is to get the PCSO engaged

The Crater holes have been there a long time and might be where sand or earth has been dug out.

Q & A

  1. When coppicing takes place, what route do the tractors take in and out of the woods? Would it be better to go via Chegworth Road rather than Broomfield Road?

Answer: Mr Leigh-Pemberton agreed this was a very good idea that he would take it on board.

  1. How do you feel about horses being ridden in the woods?


Answer: Mr Leigh-Pemberton is happy for this to happen.


  1. Could a sign be put up re motorbikes using the woods?

Answer: A conversation needs to be had with the PCSO first.

  1. Lots of mature trees have already been cut down. Is it possible to leave them standing as long as possible so there are no bare patches?


Answer: The Forestry Commission wants them cut down and new ones planted straight away at the same spot as Oak trees are difficult to grow in Chestnut woods


  1. Did you manage to ascertain what the blue powder is in the woods?


Answer: Mr Leigh-Pemberton advised he thought it probably was paint laid out to mark a walking path and that it would not be harmful to dogs.


  1. What about the deep grooves left by tractors in the woods?

Answer: The Autumn was very wet which does not help the tractors. When it dries up Mr Leigh-Pemberton advised that he intends to get some stone and make the grooves up.

  1. What are the orange circles on certain trees?


Answer: These trees marked in orange are to be considered in a tree safety survey.


Edition 1 | Issued 18th May 2020

A message from Shellina Prendergast, KCC Cabinet Member for Communications, Engagement and People

Dealing with the unforeseen challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic has taken a significant toll on communities across Kent, and the impact on people, businesses and key services has been unimaginable.

Kent County Council is on the frontline of the response to the virus and has stepped up to the challenge of maintaining core services, while focussing on supporting the most vulnerable people in Kent. We have done this by working hand in hand with district and borough councils and an army of incredible volunteers in every part of the county.

I am heartened by this amazing community response and immensely grateful to the thousands of people who have given their time and gone above and beyond in their efforts to look after people that need it most.

At the most local level parish councils have worked tirelessly to coordinate help and support in their communities, keeping an eye on vulnerable people and encouraging more people to come forward and help.

Now the government has started to map out its guidance that will help us to plan and prepare for the next stage of the response to Covid-19 in Kent.

Nobody knows how long it will take to recover socially and economically from this crisis, but I assure you that Kent County Council will be at the heart of this recovery, helping residents and businesses to adjust to a new version of normality as the government’s emergency measures are wound down. 

While such planning is underway, we will of course maintain our focus on supporting those vulnerable people in the county who will need to be shielded and cared for for some time to come. Most importantly, we will continue to ensure we are effectively working hand in hand with the amazing teams out in the hearts of communities in every part of Kent.

We will also continue to support social care providers in reducing the cases of Coronavirus in our care homes. And we will work closely with schools across Kent, as the government gives further details of their plans to reopen some year groups in the next few weeks as well as strengthening our support for businesses in Kent, particularly those in the retail and hospitality sectors.

As we develop our response and make the changes we need to, it’s more important than ever to make sure Kent residents have reliable, up to date information about our services. The best ways to keep in touch are to follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram and LinkedIn and check our website www.kent.gov.uk/coronavirus for the latest updates. You can now also subscribe to receive Kent County Council information by email.

Finally, I want to thank all the dedicated staff in the NHS, in local authorities and across the public, community and voluntary sectors who continue to deliver vital services through such challenging times. But equally, I also want to thank everyone who, by following the government’s instructions, is helping to control the spread of Covid-19 in Kent.

With best wishes to you and your families,

Shellina Prendergast

B] Website, social and mailing list awareness

We continue to face a huge challenge from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and its impact on our lives and work. We are committed to ensuring we continue to deliver services – though we recognise that, in these challenging times, some of these will be affected as we follow government advice.

There’s lots of information on our website including:

You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram and LinkedIn for the latest updates and information join our mailing list to receive Kent County Council news, updates and information by email.

C] Other content snippets

 Kent Together has been set up to help with*:

  • Making sure I have enough food and other general supplies to cover a few days
  • Picking up a prescription
  • Phoning, Skyping or Facetiming me to see a friendly face
  • Making sure I have some simple recipes to hand
  • Preparing meals for the freezer
  • Walking my dog
  • Putting out the bins
  • Taking in a parcel
  • Checking if any of my planned appointments have been cancelled before I travel
[*Not all types of support are available in all areas.]

The Kent Together helpline is being coordinated by Kent County Council, feeding information through to the network of volunteers, district and borough council teams and local support groups. People’s needs will be assessed, and staff will liaise with Community Hubs in the districts to prioritise those who need urgent help. It is helping people get the support they need, when they need it.

Requests can be made online at www.kent.gov.uk/KentTogether or you can call us on 03000 41 92 92 (Text Relay 18001 03000 41 92 92. D/deaf BSL users can text KCC’s Sensory Services team on 07920 154 315 for help making a request).

Service updates
Many of our services have changed due to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Further changes are likely as we move out of the worst of the pandemic and the rules on social distancing change. Check their current status on our Services Update page or look through our Your Questions Answered page for more detailed information.

Keep in touch
Follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram and LinkedIn for the latest updates and information. You can also subscribe to receive Kent County Council information and updates by email.

How you can help
Support for voluntary groups and individuals is being offered by district and borough councils across Kent communities. Find out more about volunteering. Of course, the most important way we can all help prevent the spread of coronavirus is to follow the government’s instructions on staying alert and safe (social distancing).

Taking care of yourself
We understand that coronavirus has created uncertainty and the constant news can feel overwhelming. You may be adjusting to a different way of life, with children off school and many people working from home as well as not seeing family, friends and colleagues. Have a look at our tips on how to keep yourself well.

Schools and education
Schools and other educational settings are closed for most children. Our education questions and answers on how this is affecting schools in Kent provides some helpful local information to supplement the government’s information for parents and carers.

Beware of scams
Whilst COVID-19 has brought out the best in the vast majority of people, unfortunately, there are also some people who are seeking to exploit the situation for personal gain. Please check our scam alerts page for the latest information on how to spot and protect yourself from scams. 

Supporting local businesses
Our COVID-19 information page for Kent businesses brings together a range of useful links for businesses to help them through the pandemic, as well as information on business scams and Kent Trading Standards advice videos. We also have a section for business on our COVID19 “Your Questions Answered page.



Kent County Council have launched a new opportunity for passengers to tell Kent County Council about their experiences of using the bus services.

They have a new Bus Feedback Portal available at www.kent.gov.uk/busfeedback where people can provide details on their experiences of the services they use.

This information can then be used by the council to try and improve services through its Quality Bus Partnerships and conversations with bus operators.

Please do use this to report any issues with the 59 bus.


The bus is now operating and timetables should have been distributed to all houses in the Parish.

Please use the service or it will be lost.