Composition of the Parish Council

Chairman – Cllr Mike Darling

Vice-Chairman – Cllr Tina Clark

Finance & General Purposes Committee – 

Planning Committee – 

Sports Field Committee

Staff Committee – 

Tree Warden (not a Councillor) – Mrs Maggie Wood

Highways – Cllr Baker, Parish Clerk

Sports Field Gate – Cllrs Forster, Beaney, West.

Website – Cllr Beaney

Parish Council representatives to other bodies are as follows:

  1. Village Hall Committee Cllrs  
  2. Kent Association of Local Councils Cllr 
  3. Police Forum Cllrs
  4. Neighbourhood Watch Cllr Evans
  5. Rural Transport (including 59 bus service) Cllr 
  6. Joint Parishes Group Cllrs