Gill Fort

  Tel: 01622 861605




Councillor Gill Fort has lived in Leeds since 1998 and she has served on the Parish Council for over ten years, being elected as Chairman in August 2011 and stood down as Parish Chairman in May 2015 after being elected as Councillor at Maidstone Borough Council.

She has worked on drafting and implementing the Parish Plan and was involved in the Joint Parishes Group objection to the KIG proposal at junction 8 which was ultimately successful. 

Gill sits on the planning committee. She joined the Parish Council because she wanted to be involved in making Leeds a better place to live in and even though there have been some major obstacles, not least the B2163, she is committed in trying to reduce traffic and HGV’s on our road.

Outside of the Parish Council Gill lives with her husband and her two daughters who have both attended local schools.