Following a Public meeting held at the Village Hall on March 19th 2012 it was decided to form a Steering Committee to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan that would help shape the future of the village for the forseeable future..

Since that date various meetings and initiatives have taken place including getting the Parish registered as a suitable area. This was achieved on 16th October 2012.

The following pages will show the initiatives taken by the Steering Group and the progress made. Please click on the links below for the latest reports:-

The Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14 Public Consultation has now concluded and the plan has now been formally submitted to MBC for them to carry out their Regulation 16 Public Consultation which will commence on 6th November 2015, for six weeks.

The following documentation has been submitted:-

Extract from Broomfield and Kingswood Parish Council Chairman's report to the Annual Parish Meeting on 16th May 2016:

The neighbourhood plan was submitted for consideration to Maidstone Borough Council and we were surprised to hear of its failure on two points; firstly it’s non-compliance with the 2000 Maidstone Borough Wide Plan and secondly because of the proposed location being outside the village envelope.   These two reasons were previously unmentioned in advice received by Maidstone Council or from our appointed independent specialists.  We are now considering our position on this matter and the best course of action for the Parish.