Neighbourhood Watch News

During the last year or two, our villages’ incidence of crime has been really low.

This year is very different.

Almost every week there has been a new crime or suspicious situation to worry us. Following several very recent burglaries and break-ins in Kingswood, there has now been a determined attempt to break-in at a house in Broomfield village. Neighbours have been reporting suspicious people brazenly walking our streets, apparently sizing up each house for the opportunities it might provide them. These crooks are skilled at identifying homes left unattended, even for short holidays. We have seen open-backed lorries cruising the streets, sometimes picking up charity bags from doorsteps and tossing them into the truck. Thieving.

Would-be criminals seem to have identified us as a soft touch, these last few weeks. We need to turn this round as quickly as we can. Please don’t encourage the thieves by leaving things in sight, outside the house, especially metal objects. Apart from anything else, it gives the criminal a good excuse to ring your bell and to make an offer for these things, and, if there’s no reply, to try finding you in the back garden.

Our farmers have been plagued by theft of fuel and equipment for months, despite installing alarm systems and taking great care with their expensive outdoor gear. Now it seems to be our turn.
I must applaud the neighbours who have in recent weeks been very quick to call 101 when they have suspected something is afoot.

Please don’t approach suspected people; it’s a police job, but by all means tell your neighbours. And please do call 101 at once, when you are worried about any criminal or offensive behaviour.
(999 if you can see a crime taking place.)

I am copying this NhW note to our helpful PCSO, Richard Kirby and to Parish Councillors and Clerk.

Thank you for continuing to help us nip crime in the bud in Kingswood and Broomfield.