Recreation and Sports Field

Lenham Road, Kingswood, ME17 1LX

The Parish Council continue to improve facilities for the benefit and enjoyment of all. In the last couple of years the Parish Council has funded the re surfacing of the car park and consequently a height barrier to prevent larger vehicles accessing the car park; installation of ‘Adult’ exercise equipment and more seating. The maintenance of the grounds has shown a marked improvement in the condition of the grassed areas.

Unfortunately, continued damage to the signs in and around the area has meant funds have had to be spent on replacing these signs, but they are necessary to try and encourage basic principles for safe use of the field:-

  • No golf  Practice
  • No dogs in the fenced play areas.
  • Clear up dog mess and place in dog bins provided at the sports field, there are two bins available.
  • No fires to be lit ANYWHERE within the field.
  • Take your litter home with you.

Our local PCSO Waring patrols the Sports Field regularly and is able to issue fixed penalty tickets.

The Parish Council hope that you enjoy these facilities and are working to continue with the improvements. If you have any concerns regarding the Sports Field please contact either of the Clerks.